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All operatives are former Police Officers and Detectives from either, the Regional Crime Squads of England and Wales (now known as the National Crime Squad) or Specialist Covert Operations Units from a variety of Police Forces across the U.K.

These former officers are accustomed to dealing with high profile, potentially high risk investigations and providing evidence on both a National and International basis.

Due to the nature of their previous employment, operatives are of the highest integrity whereby the difficult issues regarding security of client information, the personal or business sensitivity of the conduct of the investigation or advice supplied, is substantially minimised.

R.C.S. Ltd have extensive operational experience in covert methods and operating, where necessary, within the provisions of relevant legislation such as;

  • The Regulation of Investigative Powers Act (R.I.P.A).
  • The Police and Criminal Evidence Act (P.A.C.E).
  • The Data Protection Act.

This ability provides important advantages to our clients allowing the flexibility to choose whether to instigate their own internal security measures and employment decisions, based upon sound evidence or to proceed, where appropriate, with subsequent litigation within the civil or criminal environment.

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