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Q. What types of investigation will the company conduct?
A. Any type of investigation. On the strict proviso that the product will not be used to commit, or further any criminal offence or activity.
Q. Will my initial assessment meeting be free?
A. Yes, subject to our nearest associate being within 30 miles of your selected location.
Q. Will I have to meet the associate at my home or business premises?
A. We are content to meet our clients at any reasonable location that provides a relaxed environment suitable to the needs of the proposed task.
Q. Will the investigation or advice be expensive?
A. It is our experience that each case will require varying aspects of our capabilities however we regularly monitor our competitors and partners within the security and investigation industry to ensure our rates remain competitive.
Q. How will the results of the investigation be provided to me?
A. Subject to your requirements, the product of the investigation will be supplied in report form, detailing any additions, such as photographic or video footage evidence obtained, witness statements, etc.

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