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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

R.C.S. Ltd undertake to match their operatives to your specific requirements, however, the basic skills of our operatives are exceptional within the investigative field.

R.C.S. Ltd have all successfully completed the National Police Training,(N.P.T.) 10 week intensive Detective Training Course and have a minimum of 5 years experience of standard criminal investigations before they specialised in the covert operations field.

The vast majority of our operatives have also successfully completed a 4 week N.P.T. course in standard surveillance and a 2 week Regional Crime Squad specialist surveillance course in Blackmail and Kidnap resolution techniques.

Our infiltration agents have all successfully passed the N.P.T. Undercover Training and Assessment Course. (85 per cent of all candidates fail to survive the mental and physical stresses of this testing selection process) providing our clients with access to the most experienced, former police, undercover officers operating within the corporate sector.

Our Technical Support Officers are accustomed to deploying highly sensitive covert electronic equipment and assisting to manage, collate and present the evidence product in compliance with the existing rules of evidence applicable to both the Civil and Criminal Courts.

All operatives are operationally experienced and practiced in formulating complex evidence packages and the presentation of same within the court environment.

In addition to the above specialist skills available include:

  • Fraud Investigation Specialists.
  • Crisis Management team consultants
  • Blackmail and Kidnap resolution negotiators.
  • Disclosure and Public Interest Immunity specialists.
  • Counter Surveillance Specialists.

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